Security Technologies for the Cannabis Industry

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, the risks have skyrocketed as well. Warehouses, dispensaries, and farming operations have all become prime targets for crime. There is an extremely high demand for new cannabis security technology throughout the industry. That’s where Backcross Solutions comes in. Industry leading experts with decades of experience on your […]


The Importance of an IT Environment Assessment

Backcross Solutions is poised to come alongside your cannabis company, helping you align your technology with your business goals. Our team of industry-leading experts is prepared to perform a thorough assessment of your organization’s IT environment and provide a detailed analysis of your network and security capabilities. While you may feel that your organization does […]

Cybersecurity protection

The Importance of Technology Security in the Cannabis Industry

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry in the United States has made it a prime target for cybersecurity crimes. It is no longer an option for cannabis company owners to focus just on scaling; they must also now focus on ways to keep their data and their customers’ personal information secure. The cannabis industry […]