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CyberSecurity & Cannabis Cos. 101

When we meet with Cannabis business owners, including dispensaries, growers, labs, processing and transportation, I’ll ask them “What are you doing for security?” And invariably, we get a response along the lines of “Did you notice the guy in outfront with the machine gun?” Or “Let me show you my camera room,” which sometimes has more cameras than a NASA launch center.


Top 3 Ways That AI is Modernizing Cannabis Compliance

When it comes to bureaucratic hoops that businesses have to jump through, the cannabis industry gets hit hard. Thankfully, there are a number of advancements in technology that will ease some of the pain that licensed cannabis businesses face. The cannabis industry, as a whole, is growing exponentially every single year. The idea that compliance […]

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The Importance of Technology Security in the Cannabis Industry

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry in the United States has made it a prime target for cybersecurity crimes. It is no longer an option for cannabis company owners to focus just on scaling; they must also now focus on ways to keep their data and their customers’ personal information secure. The cannabis industry […]

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How Can Backcross Solutions Change the Cannabis Industry

Companies and consumers alike are eager to try cannabis in various products. If you find yourself living in an area today where cannabis products are legal, you are likely seeing businesses pop up all around you. In 2019, Newsweek reported that cannabis sales were estimated to grow “40-fold” in the next four years, reaching a […]