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Top Four Things You Need to Know About Cannabis Insurance

The process to obtain insurance in the industry is lengthy, detailed and extremely important to get right both so you can operate legally and in the case you have a claim.  Procuring insurance takes a great deal of time to quote a business in the cannabis space and you need to know a few things […]


Cannabis Insurance 101

While you may be familiar with business insurance, that does not always translate to a full understanding of cannabis insurance. As a highly regulated industry and an ever-evolving legalization landscape, it is important for business owners to be clear on the terminology and ins and outs of cannabis insurance and how it may differ from […]


Cybersecurity and Cannabis Insurance

When exploring insurance options there are many options to consider. As a highly regulated industry, cannabis business owners fare better on rates, solutions, and approaches when they go with someone who has connections in the industry to advise their path forward. The same is true of cybersecurity. Here are a few things to consider regarding […]


How To Position Yourself for Cannabis Industry

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the first step was laying the right foundation. The same can be said of venturing into the cannabis industry. Laying the right foundation will allow you scale faster and easier, saving you money in the long run. There is a lot that goes into starting a […]


101 on Industrial Controls for Cannabis Production

While physical security is typically at the top of mind, there are other important factors to consider in securing your business. As the world becomes more digital, so must your security considerations. One of the biggest points of vulnerability for a cannabis company is actually their grow operations. If you have have a cannabis operation […]

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Insource vs. Outsource Your Cannabis Dispensary IT Services

If you’re an entrepreneur launching a cannabis business you will need quite a bit of technology or IT (Information technology) to run your business. For example if you’re launching a retail location you will need a POS, CMS, you need to have these interfacing with a tracking system called Metrc, you’ll need a network (LAN/WAN), and security.

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CyberSecurity & Cannabis Cos. 101

When we meet with Cannabis business owners, including dispensaries, growers, labs, processing and transportation, I’ll ask them “What are you doing for security?” And invariably, we get a response along the lines of “Did you notice the guy in outfront with the machine gun?” Or “Let me show you my camera room,” which sometimes has more cameras than a NASA launch center.

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Top Five Technologies For a Cannabis Dispensary

The backbone of any cannabis dispensary is the technology running the store. The technology allows the employees to work, the product to be marketed and sold, money to be collected, inventory to be managed, compliance to be met and, ultimately, the doors to remain open.

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Is the Cannabis Industry for me? 5 things to consider before pursuing a career or investment in Cannabis

People ask us at Backcross all the time, should I get into cannabis or not? The short answer is you should be thinking about it. It’s a once and a lifetime opportunity to join a wonderful industry that is growing fast, with no end in sight.


Using Cannabis Technology to Position Federal Legislation

The most successful companies in any industry are using compliance technology to improve their compliance, culture, and operations. The cannabis industry is no different. Technology like electronic tracking systems, RFID readers and smart scales, software platforms and more are driving the products, brands, and companies you see finding success today. Right time, Right place We […]


Top 3 Ways That AI is Modernizing Cannabis Compliance

When it comes to bureaucratic hoops that businesses have to jump through, the cannabis industry gets hit hard. Thankfully, there are a number of advancements in technology that will ease some of the pain that licensed cannabis businesses face. The cannabis industry, as a whole, is growing exponentially every single year. The idea that compliance […]


Innovative Technology Pushes the Cannabis Industry Ahead

The cannabis industry and innovation are the perfect match. Innovative technology influences every aspect of the cannabis business, from growing to packaging technology, to consuming to creating and so much more. While other industries spotlight innovative technology more than cannabis, it is still happening, in some cases at warp speed. The cannabis industry was illegal […]

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The Importance of Technology Security in the Cannabis Industry

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry in the United States has made it a prime target for cybersecurity crimes. It is no longer an option for cannabis company owners to focus just on scaling; they must also now focus on ways to keep their data and their customers’ personal information secure. The cannabis industry […]


How to Use Technology to Improve Your Operational Efficiency

The global pandemic that began in 2020 led many companies to identify ways to cut operational costs as a means of survival. Unfortunately for many, that included human capital along with thwarted plans for technology expansions in their organization. While technology always has a price tag, it can also play a pivotal role in creating […]

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How to Scale Your Business with Robotic Process Automation

From software solutions to equipment, technology can be a small business owner’s best friend. Technology allows companies to work more efficiently, identify more customers, and save money while creating their dream business. While some technology solutions require a significant investment, there are potential solutions that are low-cost and, yet still, high impact. The emergence of […]

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How Can Backcross Solutions Change the Cannabis Industry

Companies and consumers alike are eager to try cannabis in various products. If you find yourself living in an area today where cannabis products are legal, you are likely seeing businesses pop up all around you. In 2019, Newsweek reported that cannabis sales were estimated to grow “40-fold” in the next four years, reaching a […]