BX: Solving cannabis-industry challenges, implementing IT, and accelerating business growth.

The Backcross Assessment:

We look at people, process and technology


On business goals

15-30 minute “alignment call” to understand business status objectives. We like to identify 3 year goals. NDA recommended prior to call.


Tech assessment

Bx team reviews planning new cannabis business usually includes on-site visit of existing location or proposed new site.


Best & Next Plan

Bx team drafts a next and best recommendations in the form of technical plan, budget range and timing in a SOW.


& Implement

Specialized implementation roadmap is deployed with a focus on security and data management.

From startup to large-scale cannabis enterprises

Backcross enables powerful technology, reliability, and security


With a variety of natural and artificial growth environments combined with the strict state requirements growing cannabis is becoming more and more complex.

We help cultivators implement a reliable and secure data environment for a multitude of environments and connected devices.


From ingestible cannabis to the growing CBD market, the extraction processes is always adapting, and along with it the rules regulating it.

We help processors build secure IT solutions that are flexible and adjust to changing regulatory compliance without any downtime.


Juggling regulatory requirements, client needs, and scientific integrity is always an ongoing challenge for cannabis lab environments.

We help Laboratories implement their security and IoT programs to ensure rigorous performance and lab standards.


The complexity of the national cannabis legal sales landscape can make operating a dispensary challenging, not to mention the financial restrictions and data reporting requirements.

We help dispensaries create secure stores with best-in-class POS and data management systems.

Interacting with tablet


Leveraging experience, relationships and buying power, Backcrosss can design a technology roadmap that includes POS systems, networking and security while helping to navigate supply chain issues and guaranteeing best prices, purchasing options (capex / opex) and speed to market.

Inspecting circuits

Cannabis Operations

Backcross Solution’s experienced staff of engineers, monitor, troubleshoot and fix hardware and software issues, using or state-of-the-art monitoring systems centralized in our network and security operations center.

Our 24-hour help-desk support with remote and on-site maintenance keeps your business running with zero downtime.

Security camera

Cannabis Compliance

The cannabis compliance landscape is complex, punitive and varies state by state. And it extends beyond licensing into technology you use, how you use it and the choices you make will have a severe impact on your business.

Backcross Solution’s helps its customers design the best technology solutions to comply with state laws to make the most secure and cost-effective choices.

Our cannabis next-practice approach helps you to drive growth, and create a competitive advantage.


We’re the industry-leading cannabis technology company, and we’ve accelerated the industry’s top cannabis companies with our products and services.


We use a consultative approach and value long-lasting client relationships. Stability, reliability, and listening to our clients’ needs are cornerstone to our approach.


We’re future-focused. And that means ensuring that our clients are equipped to face the rapidly changing cannabis industry. We provide security, reliability and government compliance for long-term success.

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We’ve built industry-leading cannabis companies. You’re next.

“Growing and distributing cannabis is what our clients do best. Taking care of their IT & creating business value is what we do best.”
— CEO, Ajay Chawla


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