How Can Backcross Solutions Change the Cannabis Industry

July 28, 2021
by Backcross Solutions

Various computer screens displaying cannabis

Companies and consumers alike are eager to try cannabis in various products. If you find yourself living in an area today where cannabis products are legal, you are likely seeing businesses pop up all around you. In 2019, Newsweek reported that cannabis sales were estimated to grow “40-fold” in the next four years, reaching a value of over $23 billion. [1] While the legality of cannabis can be a confusing, and a sometimes contradictory) topic, that has not slowed the cannabis industry growth nor projections. Cannabis has been known for quite some time for its medicinal and therapeutic purposes; it has now become a hot commodity in a variety of other industries like food, consumer products, and more.

What is Backcross Solutions?

Just like backcrossing creates a hybrid that infuses the traits of one strain with the genetics of another, Backcross Solutions has taken their extensive experience in the world of IT and infused it with their vast knowledge of cannabis production and distribution to create a new model for a budding industry.” [2] Backcross Solutions is focused on delivering effective IT consulting and services to the cannabis industry challenges before your business is even affected. Backcross believes that the best solution for any problem is prevention.

Cannabis Industry Challenges: Compliance

While the cannabis industry is growing rapidly, so are the challenges that many businesses are facing. Compliance and ever-evolving legal restrictions and guidelines are at the forefront of any cannabis business owner’s mind. Having the technology to scale whatever changes may come is imperative to the longevity of any company in the cannabis industry. Ensuring you stay abreast of all changing laws and their dependencies is vital to your growth as a company. Backcross Solutions stands ready to scale with your business through their industry-leading time of experts who are equipped to navigate these types of business challenges.

What Benefits Will You Find with Backcross Solutions?

Many business owners have found that simply having a dream and a desire to work in the cannabis industry is simply not enough. You must come to the table with a business plan that is scalable, flexible, and provocative. That is where Backcross Solutions comes in. Backcross is well-versed in developing and delivering scalable solutions that grow with your business in the cannabis industry’s dynamic market landscape. Backcross excels in strategically guiding companies through unforeseen changes in the industry and environment. And finally, having industry experts like Backcross Solutions in your back pocket, engaged in your company and focused on your success will inevitably lead to your growth as an organization.

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Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash