The Unique Ability of Technology to Expose What You Don’t Know

November 29, 2021
by Backcross Solutions

With the recent growth of the cannabis industry there are swarms of people claiming to be experts in the industry. At Backcross Solutions we too tout that we have industry-leading experts in the cannabis field. The important thing that we bring to the table is decades of work portfolios to show our experience, our skillset, our understanding of technology and our visionary thinking. What will separate your company from others is the ability to use technology to understand customers, be better informed, more prepared while making purposeful decisions? Ultimately technology has the unique ability to make your company successful.

What Can Technology Do?

The most important thing technology can do for your cannabis company is expose what you don’t know. Technology may not be the answer to every question, but it can point you in the right direction. The theory that numbers don’t lie is applicable in the cannabis industry. Speculation, hopes, dreams, all of that has its place, but technology paints the real, clear picture.

How Do I Figure Out What I Don’t Know? 

As with any company, it is important for cannabis businesses to evaluate and determine their best path to success. And while the theory behind that evaluation could be very general, technology can create a maturity to your success planning. While the cannabis industry is still blossoming onto the scene, there are models from other industries that can be used and applied to this niche as well. Having an unpredictable business plan and environment can create instability, however rooting your business in processes that have come from proper business requirements and reporting will allow for more maturity and stability in your company. Having best practice following project management will allow your company to implement things like inventory systems, marketing platforms and financial suites. It’s important to pick the right technology, but it’s also important to pick the right people to help with your vetting, your implementation, and your growth plan. Technology also allows your company to optimize in all areas of the business unlike any other thing.

The longer companies go without a maturity plan in place for growth the harder it will be to scale. If you are just starting your company, it should be your goal to launch as mature of a business as you can. Having the right data points, the right controls and processes and the right metrics will allow you to scale much faster than any other toolset. We at Backcross Solutions believe in finding the best technology to match with your company to ensure you are a best in industry company.