The Importance of an IT Environment Assessment

September 28, 2021
by Backcross Solutions

Backcross Solutions is poised to come alongside your cannabis company, helping you align your technology with your business goals. Our team of industry-leading experts is prepared to perform a thorough assessment of your organization’s IT environment and provide a detailed analysis of your network and security capabilities. While you may feel that your organization does not need an IT environment assessment, it is essential to remember that every company has a unique IT infrastructure with specific needs. That is where Backcross Solutions comes in. We have a comprehensive understanding of technology strengths and weaknesses, and we would like to help your organization develop an IT strategy to take your company to the next level.

What is an IT environment assessment?

Backcross Solutions begins each IT environment assessment meeting with you; the client determines your goals for your organization and discusses the IT problems that are potentially inhibiting your business. We follow up the initial conversations with a network assessment and security audit of your company’s operations. We will conduct a technical analysis of your infrastructure, and if necessary, physically tour your operations to develop a thorough understanding of the needs and roles of your staff. After completing the analysis, we will have a clear understanding of your business culture and be capable of determining a current and future budget for your company’s IT needs. This assessment aims to compare your existing environment to the desired performance of your business and provide a deliverable report that outlines how we can help your company accomplish your technology objectives.

What are the benefits of an IT assessment?

At Backcross Solutions, we believe the IT assessment is pivotal in the success of your technology landscape. We believe this assessment allows you to have a clear picture of your IT landscape and associated costs and risks. We want to come alongside your business and provide you with a report that will outline all the immediate threats to your IT environment, your compliance gaps, the pros and cons of your current landscape, and our recommendations for adjustments to your technology.

We share a common desire, and that is for your business to scale in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Having the right technology in place will allow you to see the growth we desire for your company.