Security Technologies for the Cannabis Industry

December 15, 2021
by Backcross Solutions

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, the risks have skyrocketed as well. Warehouses, dispensaries, and farming operations have all become prime targets for crime. There is an extremely high demand for new cannabis security technology throughout the industry. That’s where Backcross Solutions comes in. Industry leading experts with decades of experience on your team, focused on your cybersecurity; that’s Backcross Solutions.

What type of security is needed?

While physical security is always beneficial, technology can also provide asset protection which is a significant need in the cannabis industry. Candidly, it’s not just about limiting security risks from outside criminals, but also for preventing internal theft from employees. The security involved with protecting your inventory and your top-tier company information are highly important. Having detailed and strategic security plans for your cannabis operation is imperative to your protection and growth. At Backcross Solutions we ensure your business is prepared and ready to mitigate any serious threats.

Having Control is Important

Security breaches are often the biggest reason for financial or product loss in the cannabis industry. Stringent measures are needed to block unauthorized access by internal and external threats. At Backcross Solutions are extensive background in cybersecurity protection is an asset to any organization. Having access control is crucial to protect your confidential business information, your products, and your assets. Audit trails are imperative in any investigation, and we are prepared to help lead your company in the creation of a strong cybersecurity presence.

The Future of Technology

With the cultivation of your cannabis company typically occurring outdoors or in growing facilities, the future of technology in drones provides an advantage for risk assessment and protection. Technology is changing every day to combat the evolution of cybercrimes. Having partners that are well versed, on top of the current trends and looking to the future is imperative for your protection. Another area that Backcross Solutions can help your organization is to ensure you are on top of updates, upgrades and implementations of all patches and necessary technology to keep your systems and company secure.