Innovative Technology Pushes the Cannabis Industry Ahead

October 13, 2021
by Backcross Solutions

The cannabis industry and innovation are the perfect match. Innovative technology influences every aspect of the cannabis business, from growing to packaging technology, to consuming to creating and so much more. While other industries spotlight innovative technology more than cannabis, it is still happening, in some cases at warp speed. The cannabis industry was illegal for so long that much of the innovation behind the industry happened out of the spotlight, but today it has taken center stage in many states. The idea of a transparent cannabis industry is still a work in progress, but as business continues to boom, so will the technology.

Technology on the Farm

As with all areas of the agriculture industry, cannabis cultivation has benefited from innovative technology. Growers are focused daily on finding new ways to grow their crops, with a heavy focus on smaller footprints and lower head counts. Like any industry that is monitored, government regulations can create a nightmare for small businesses, but with the help of innovative technology like cannabis tracking software, farmers are able to focus on what they do best-growing. While many think of technology as computers and IT departments, innovative technology can span all areas of your business. For instance, LED lighting allows farmers to grow high quality products with less overhead electricity costs. The days of lamps that wasted energy lighting up aisles and walls are over and LED lights are allowing farmers to save huge amounts of electricity. Intelligent automation is something that is pushing the cannabis industry to new heights. Having their watering systems, their temperature controls and their lighting automated allows farmers to be more efficient with less overhead. In places that are still heavily regulated by the government, innovative technology has allowed farmers to systematically track their seeds from harvest to the final customer.

Technology in the Lab

Laboratory equipment has allowed the cannabis industry the ability to offer more products than ever before. Much of the technology that exists in our labs today has allowed for cleaner, safer, consistent, pure cannabis thanks to the innovation in the testing equipment and methods. Cannabis testing has also become prevalent thanks to innovative technology. The latest technology in cannabis has allowed growers to test for organisms in their plants like E.coli or Salmonella; as well as pesticides and solvents.

Cannabis Online

The internet has changed the entire world, for better or worse. For the cannabis industry, the explosion of the internet and society’s usage has allowed for significant growth for marijuana farmers. While the internet has obviously made access much easier for the cannabis industry it has allowed consumers to do more research, share advice and get input from a broader spectrum of influence. Producers have a much easier time advertising to customers and reaching out to their consumers thanks to the internet. As well as, social media playing such a crucial role in the marketing of companies today.

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