101 on Industrial Controls for Cannabis Production

May 5, 2022
by Ajay Chawla

While physical security is typically at the top of mind, there are other important factors to consider in securing your business. As the world becomes more digital, so must your security considerations. One of the biggest points of vulnerability for a cannabis company is actually their grow operations. If you have have a cannabis operation where industrial controls are useful or you are considering getting in this line of business you need to not only have the controls in place to make your business more efficient while you monitor important things that can slow or shut down your business, but you also need to secure the control against a threat. Additionally, having a practice in place to make sure you’re operating at your best level will set you apart from your competitors. We at Backcross are armed with solutions that can secure your systems and keep you up and running. Here is a crash course on industrial controls to consider when thinking of securing your grower operations. 

What are industrial controls?

Depending on the sector, industrial controls could mean a variety of things. In the cannabis industry however, industrial controls allow you to keep your internal growing environment at optimal levels. An example of these controls in cannabis would be the utilization of a greenhouse automation system. This industrial control can save labor and energy costs while achieving high-quality yields in your commercial cannabis business. In today’s market there are apps for your mobile devices that control your entire grower operations, from watering to lights and more. 

Why are industrial controls important?

It’s an obvious statement to make, but important to keep in mind, the more downtime you have in your operations the less money you will make. If someone takes over your watering system via an online system they could over water, or even under water your crop crippling your business for the season. This point of vulnerability places the financial value of your product at risk. The shut down of retail operations for your company can be detrimental. 

Why must industrial controls be secure?

Industrial controls in the cannabis industry are typically focused on managing and automating your operational processes. For instance, you might have wifi access points in your grow rooms to allow your system to turn on the lights, or water the product. If this system is hacked you are facing a potential loss of crop and a loss of revenue. Your wireless endpoints must be secure. If they are not secure anyone can get into your controls and damage your business. 

The cannabis market is saturated with technology, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Having a partner like Backcross Solutions you will be able to separate the “wheat from the chaff” and focus on the quality providers and solutions to scale your cannabis business. There is no shortage of software in the market to protect your industrial controls, but knowing which solution to trust and rely on is imperative to your success. 

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